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Get Involved

 Getting Involved

 Getting people involved is important to us. They would help spread the word and increase the number of stands. Right now we are only located in Central Massachusetts. But, we are planning to have other stands in other parts of the country. With your help, we could have stands around the world! 

Making Creations

If you want to get involved, you can make your own creations! Once you're finished, you can sell them at your very own stand! You can donate the money to a cancer center near you.

Helping Out

There are many ways to help out. The most effective one is donating. If you're very passionate, You can make your very own stand! Just press the button below and you can learn what we sell so you can make your own!


When you volunteer, you're changing the WORLD! Volunteering could mean anything from donating to starting up a stand for the area you live in. If you help out, you may end up saving a relative in the future.


Spreading the Word

When you find out about us, you should spread the word to your family and friends. The more people who learn about our cause, the more money we can raise to help those affected by cancer.

Team Talk
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