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Our Story

Creations 4 Cancer is a group of children using their talents to raise money for cancer research.

Each child makes their own creations to sell to our customers, friends, and family.


Click the button below to discover more about this organization. 


Helping Hands

When you donate, you're helping people that need cancer medications. Donating is the first step in this revolution. A revolution to stop cancer

Get Involved

Team Talk

At Creations 4 Cancer, we love to see people getting involved. If you plan to get involved, just contact us. Press the buttons below to contact us and get involved.

Our Mission

Drawing on a Board

We have a couple of missions. The main one is to raise money for cancer research. Press the button below to learn more about us.

  • Sweets

  • Paintings

  • Drawings 

  • Lemonade 

  • Fruit Cups

  • Special of the Week

  • ...and more!

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What We Sell

Why do we do this?

This organization was founded to raise money for cancer research. The founder, Eliya Gladstone, has some experience with cancer. Her father was diagnosed with cancer when she was very young. Now she wants to fight for others. The organization raises money by selling drawings, paintings, baked goods, and other items. They also take donations online or face to face at their stands. Also, they welcome you to find toys or coloring supplies to take to the hospital for the children to play with. 

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